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Sales Tools: Roadmap   4 R's

“We have worked closely with Rob to build and refine a customized sales process that works for us in our industry. It is simple, easy to follow, and it works. Halo Metrics has enjoyed a solid footing in a competitive and ever-changing market since launching it.”
David Kurth, CSP
National Sales Manager 

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“We have engaged Rob's services for several years. He brings clarity and focus to up and coming managers, and is able to help refocus Sr. level managers to work on what counts. He first ascertains the overall objective of the organization with the most Sr. executives, and then works to that end at all levels with a blend of support, directness, and homework. Along the way he winds in his own past success and lessons to make the learning relevant. Very good value.”
Leslie Meingast
President and CEO  The Personnel Department & Galt Group of Companies
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