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Praise for Sell More by Selling Less

“We have worked closely with Rob to build and refine a customized sales process that works for us in our industry. It is simple, easy to follow, and it works. Halo Metrics has enjoyed a solid footing in a competitive and ever-changing market since launching it.”
David Kurth, CSP
National Sales Manager 

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Rob is the President of Businessworks Consulting Inc. Based in Vancouver British
Columbia he has been helping his clients increase the revenue their company’s generate
while operating more effectively as an organization since 2001.  

Today in addition to his consulting practice Rob is an active keynote speaker, facilitator
and business columnist.  He has a wealth of teaching and facilitation experience, having
travelled across North America teaching leadership, sales and coaching skills.

Prior to starting his consulting practice Rob worked his way through the sales ranks,
winding up his corporate career as a Vice President Business Development.  

Originally from Toronto, Rob spent four years living and working in the United States in
a start-up environment, helping to build the US division of a Canadian transportation
company from scratch. That enterprise grew to $18M USD over the course of that time.

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