Sell More by Selling Less The book
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Praise for Sell More by Selling Less

“We have worked closely with Rob to build and refine a customized sales process that works for us in our industry. It is simple, easy to follow, and it works. Halo Metrics has enjoyed a solid footing in a competitive and ever-changing market since launching it.”
David Kurth, CSP
National Sales Manager 

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Sell more by selling less - the book by Rob Malec

After studying many sales methodologies and being thoroughly bamboozled by most of them I thought “there must be a better way to sell. One that is sound, effective and is easy to learn and apply.” That way is The Conversational Sales Method. In Sell More by Selling Less you will learn to master it.

Within its’ pages you will find everyday language, engaging visuals, stories and examples that teach you all you need to know about leveraging value in a powerful way toward converting buyers into customers.

Be prepared however, this is not your typical sales book. If you enjoy complexity, buzzwords, acronyms and having to learn a whole new sales language this book is not for you!

You can buy your very own copy of Sell More By Selling Less by clicking here. The book is in stock and and will ship immediately. So order NOW and start selling more with less effort!

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