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Praise for Sell More by Selling Less

“We have worked closely with Rob to build and refine a customized sales process that works for us in our industry. It is simple, easy to follow, and it works. Halo Metrics has enjoyed a solid footing in a competitive and ever-changing market since launching it.”
David Kurth, CSP
National Sales Manager 

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Prise for the book
“Rob Malec has the uncanny ability to demystify the selling process. In this book he breaks down the complexity of sales into simple, easy to understand approaches. His proven models and techniques will have you working more efficiently, more effectively and producing results like a seasoned sales professional in no time. Rob’s focus on bringing value to clients makes good strategic sense in today’s complex world of business. His practices dovetail seamlessly with contemporary business, marketing and growth strategies.”
Rob Dawson, Partner, Concerto Marketing Group Inc. Awarded Top 50 of BC’s Fastest-Growing Companies.

“Rob is a sales expert. His strength is simplifying the sales process into a step by step formula for success. He is also a great sales teacher both as a one-on-one mentor and classroom trainer for an entire team. I highly recommend him to help take your revenues to the next level.”
Stacey Cerniuk, President & CEO, Annex Consulting Group, PROFIT Magazine's Fastest-Growing Companies in Canada 5 times.

“If you want to take your sales process to the next level you need to model the behaviours of top salespeople. Rob has taken these behaviours and written a book which clearly lays out the tangible steps you can take to boost your revenues now.”
Mike Desjardins, Driver (CEO), ViRTUS, Business in Vancouver Top Forty Under 40 winner.

"Rob's process-driven approach ensures that the gaps in your strategy will be managed, and every decision made in the right order with the best chance for success. What more could you hope for in the real world? "
Neil Belenkie, CEO, Growth Point Group.

"Rob has mastered the Art of Selling. His methods are not only simple to adopt but also generate real revenue."
Michele Soregaroli, Cofounder, Transformation Catalyst. International Coach Federation, Coaching Impact Award winner.

Buy the book

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