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Praise for Sell More by Selling Less

“We have worked closely with Rob to build and refine a customized sales process that works for us in our industry. It is simple, easy to follow, and it works. Halo Metrics has enjoyed a solid footing in a competitive and ever-changing market since launching it.”
David Kurth, CSP
National Sales Manager 

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Sell More by Selling Less is an engaging, easy to follow guide to The Conversational Sales Method. It will teach you how to stop selling your products and services and instead, sell the value they bring.  Doing so will have you improving your sales results quickly.


Within the book you will find stories, engaging graphics and practical tools showing you how to master The Conversational Sales Method towards beating your sales targets reliably and predictably.

Prologue: No Journey, No Sale

Introduction: My Sales Epiphany

Chapter One: “Most Illogical, Captain” – The Five Value Drivers

Chapter Two: Value-Based Selling – an Overview

Chapter Three: The Conversational Sales Method In Detail – the Start

Chapter Four: The Conversational Sales Method in Detail – Pain Questions

Chapter Five: The Conversational Sales Method in Detail – Gain Questions

Chapter Six: The Conversational Sales Method in Detail – Value Questions

Chapter Seven: The Conversational Sales Method in Detail – Present Solution

Chapter Eight: The Conversational Sales Method in Detail – Agreement

Chapter Nine: The Three Truths About Value-Based Selling


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