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Give yourself a competitive advantage with the five reasons sales method

Competitive Advantage


Clearly articulating the value you create for your customers is fundamental to sales and revenue generation success. Surprisingly, most business people have a tough time with this task. Here is a simple tool that will help you speak the language of value and generate more top line sales revenue.

The 5 Reasons Tool
Your buyers purchase your products or services for one or a combination of the following five reasons. These reasons are to...

Make Money – Generate more top line revenue, bottom line profit, or both

Save Money – Shrink their expense line

Save Time – Increase available hours to put towards other tasks

Increase Convenience – Make their life easier in some way

Improve Competitive Position – Improve their company’s performance versus the previous period, or versus those in their market chasing them

Step One: Take a moment and capture in quantifiable terms how your product or service satisfies each buying reason for your customers. Be exhaustive. It is likely you will find ways you bring value to them that you never considered.

Step Two: With your new found value proposition in mind consider your current customers and prospects. Is there some way you can bring value to them that you have not considered before and is worthy of discussing with them? Call them now to arrange for that discussion.

After doing this 5 Reasons analysis most of my clients realize that,
A) They offer far more value to their current customers than they ever knew, and as such close new deals with them to do just that and...
B) They offer far more value to prospective customers than they ever knew, and as such accelerate or close those deals too.


To learn how the 5 Reasons apply to your business contact me.
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