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Be a Top Performer

Top performers want to know how their sales progress is measuring up to their sales goals, and how it compares to that of their colleagues. Poor performers want to hide under a rock. Don’t wait for your boss to tell you how you are doing this month. Be a top performer. Top performers exercise great […]

Practicing Good Sales Hygiene

To improve your sales performance, practice good Sales Hygiene.  Sales Hygiene refers to the cleanliness of your selling process and account data management.  Clean selling and account data management processes are the foundation for continuously improving your sales results. Sales results get better when you identify causal links within your selling process.  A causal link […]

Winging-It is Fun! [But it makes for terrible paydays]

Disturbingly often I meet with sales people who say “you know, when it comes to my sales calls I usually just wing it.”  They have a twinkle in their eye and a look of mischief that implies “and it’s fun!”  I bet it is fun. Poor paycheques however, are not so entertaining. Winging it leads […]

Three Levels Down

If you want to sell more, more often, dig deep to unearth your buyer’s needs. Generally stated Buyer needs are the problems your Buyer wants to resolve, and the resulting improved situation they desire. You knew that already, right? Where to from here? For each sales opportunity there are in fact three levels of buyer […]

Be Part of the 10%

Funny term, ‘Sales Velocity’. What does it mean, and why is so important to you as a person in business development? Sales Velocity is the speed at which your deals close. Faster is better [I know, you figured that out already]. The more deals you can close in a week, month, quarter, or year, the […]

You Have Everything to Gain

We are in the business of helping our buyers fix their problems. We do this by providing great solutions. A great solution is the currency of the realm in business development and an astute seller can artfully describe the richness of their capabilities in this domain. It would seem that those who can solve problems […]

Stop Selling and Start Helping People Buy

There is an old saying in sales that goes, “Your customer is not buying a power drill, they are buying the holes.” If old sayings become old sayings because they contain pithy wisdom, what is the wisdom here? It is that Buyers don’t buy features, they buy the benefits those features deliver. But I think […]

What? You’re Not Selling Backward?

Ideas in this posting will help you: Make Money, and increase the ease with which you Close Business. I am privileged to spend time chatting with many business people who carry a revenue generation responsibility. They range from Sr. Executives, to Managers, to Key Account sales professionals. I am infinitely curious to learn how they […]

Handling the “No Budget” Objection

Ideas in this posting will help you: Save time in your sales process. Your Buyer: “I’m sorry, I don’t have any budget to spend right now.” You: “Oh really? I guess we will have to put this proposal on ice for now, huh?” Ouch!! If you find yourself in a sales situation playing to this […]

Eliminating Sales Peaks and Valleys

Ideas in this posting will help you: Make Money Life in business is sooooo good when sales are happening. Why though does it seem that sales – and the precious revenue that they generate – often comes in peaks of activity and valley’s of inactivity? Let’s look at why this happens, and how to avoid it. […]