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How Rob Works

I know that a business owner running a growing enterprise can be all consuming. Finding time to figure out exactly why your revenue is flat or declining is challenging. I can help you.

Rob’s Sales Consulting Process

First thing…

The Audit

Rob begins with an audit of the Sales, Business Development and Customer Success functions of the organization. The purpose of the audit is to a] understand the totality of all that goes into generating revenue at your company, b] identify sticking points in the process and c] provide specific recommendations around how to optimize those toward improving revenue generation. In his assessment Rob focuses on 3 core areas for each of the Sales, Customer Success and Marketing departments…

  • People: how is the organization structured to go about generating revenue from a sales, business development, and partnering perspective?
  • Process: what sales methodology, sales strategy creation methodology, customer retention and growth, and employee support mechanisms are in place?
  • Technology: what tools and systems are in place to automate, monitor, and measure all of these process?

Over the course of the audit Rob will speak with everyone in the organization who touches the Sales, Business Development & Customer Success functions. Typically, these take the form of one-on-one conversations via web conference.

Once the audit interviews are complete the data and information gathered is presented in an in-depth feedback session. This feedback clearly outlines a] what was observed, b] recommendations for optimization and, c] suggestions for the timing and order of events for rolling out those recommendations.



For busy CEOs and Founders, implementing recommendations can be daunting. Rob makes this phase easy and quick. He takes the lead on all process optimization, configuration of automation tools, and methodology install functions related to revenue generation. This means a shorter and easier path to greater revenue generation with while you focus your energies on running your business.



In the critical Sustainment Phase Rob works very closely with company ownership to ensure all business processes in departments related to Sales [Marketing, HR, Customer Success] required to support the sales effort are optimized. He also continues working with these teams over the ensuing months to provide mentoring, guidance & assistance as they work to put all recommendations into play on a day-to-day basis. In this way, meaningful and measurable results are achieved in the fastest way possible.

This entire process typically rolls out over a 6-9 month period. To date, clients report experiencing a 30% increase in sales during the first year of engagement, and further growth in the years following.