Self Guided, on-line sales training – anywhere anytime.

This isn’t a sales techniques course. It’s not a sales motivation program. It’s a simple conversational approach to leading buyer facing conversations, the goal of which is to find the intersection between their needs and where you can help.

Online Sales Training for Sales Professionals and Self-Employed Business Owners

Rob Malec has worked with over 6000 sales professionals around the world – from rookies to seasoned veterans – to help them increase their sales velocity, deal size, win rate and most importantly their income.

His Conversational Sales Method is easy to understand and simple to use. It’s highly effective whether you sell services, products or both. It allows you to help more clients and close more deals, all in a non salesy way. If you’re just getting starting or want to raise your game, you’re in the right place.

Choose the On-line Sales Training Course that will support you in achieving your goals.

Do you want to increase your sales but not do it in a “salesy” way?

The Conversational Sales Method

New to sales and unsure how to lead a professional sales conversation?

The Sales Process Foundation

Are you a sales veteran, but find your deals take too long to close?

The Sales Strategy Creation Process