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Adults learn in many different ways. Some like the group setting. Others prefer to learn in a direct one to one instructional environment.

Rob’s One to One training sessions allow 100% of the teaching focus to be on you. Your real life sales and management challenges will be the case studies you apply your learning to. This “time spaced training” approach allows you to absorb your learnings in small chunks and apply them to your day-to-day business challenges simply and easily.

One to One training sessions can supplement attendance at group training events or, can stand on their own as your primary learning vehicle.

Curriculum: Your one to one training sessions can focus on sales skill training, sales process improvement, sales management or all of the above.

During Sales Method training you will learn the art of asking great questions that get to the heart of your Prospect’s Pains, Gains and Desired Value. You will learn how to stop selling Features & Benefits, and start uncovering customer needs toward presenting solutions that help your Prospect’s get the value they desire. In short, you will learn how to stop selling and start helping.

In the Sales Process Improvement training you will learn how to assess your current sales process and identify strengths and weaknesses. You will come to know the traps and pitfalls that slow down sales velocity and limit deal size. You will then learn how to follow the path of continuous sales process optimization toward revenue generation results improvement.

The focus of the Sales Management training is around learning how to bring out the best in your sales team. Topics covered include how to be an effective sales coach, managing the numbers & leading your people, and guiding behavioural change.

One on One B2B Sales Consulting