Online Sales Training

The Sales Process Foundation

Are you fumbling your way through sales calls?

Feeling nervous and “salesy” when you sell?

Are you struggling to figure out how to sell effectively?

Imagine being able to confidently sell your products or services, while building long-term trust with your customers.

Introducing The Sales Process Foundation On-line Sales Training Course

Designed for sales professionals and self-employed business owners looking for a foundational course in sales that will support their professional growth.

This course teaches you a structured and easy to follow way to prepare for, and lead productive and professional sales interactions.

The Sales Process Foundation is perfect for you if you’re ready to…

  • Learn the basics of how to prepare for and lead productive sales conversations with buyers

  • Understand how to navigate those conversations smoothly

  • Close sales and chart the path forward with buyers

  • Build long-term trusted client relationships

  • Do so in a way that is genuinely you

What You Get

Virtual E Learning Course led by Rob Malec, Revenue Generation Consultant

(Value: $275 USD)

A PDF copy of the book Sell More, By Selling Less: Mastering the Conversational Sales Method

(Value: $32.95)

Total Value: $307.95 USD
Buy Now & You Pay ONLY $199 USD

Course Curriculum

Setting the structure for an effective and efficient sales call.
Questions – the key to a great sales interaction.
A simple and easy method to follow.
Beginning with the end I’m a productive sales conversation in mind.
The Successful sales person’s secret.
How to navigate this part of the sale.
Gaining agreement and building relationships.


Purchase all 3 Courses and Save!

  • The Conversational Sales Method
  • The Sales Process Foundation
  • The Sales Strategy Creation Process
  • Plus! A copy of Sell More, By Selling Less: Mastering the Conversational Sales Method Book

Value:$600 USD

Pay ONLY $400 USD

“Rob has helped me fine-tune my way of selling with new sales tools and processes that have kept me organized, increased my annual income by 30% year over year, and help me keep the velocity of the deals by streamlining our sales processes.  He is always there to help me discuss strategies and provide his insight into how we can move deals forward.  His only goal is to help make YOU successful and produce results.  Rob is the most effective sales coach/trainer I’ve ever worked with in my career.”

“I wish I had learned Rob’s system years ago. It has helped me more easily hone in on the customer’s issues and needs, have better discussions, and close the right deal more quickly.”

Rob’s sales method has helped me better understand the sales process, take control of the sales process, and  improve the quality of the sale which has dramatically increased my income.  Overall, Rob helped me self-diagnose my deficiencies and improve outcomes.

“Value based selling has taught me to ask the right questions to identify the pain the organization is currently having and to listen to what their ideal state would be. With that information, I can provide solutions from my end that I know will fix their pains which brings them value. This has helped me navigate through complex deals and avoid any unexpected hiccups which helps get to the finish line quicker.”


About Rob

Rob Malec has been a Revenue Generation consultant for over 20 years. He’s helped sales people all over the world increase their incomes by closing more deals faster and easier in a non-salesy, helpful way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Greater income, stronger relationships with buyers, reliable and predictable revenue generation over the long term.

It’s a sales method in which rather than selling the features and benefits of your products and services, you sell the value they bring to the buyer.  Buyers care much more about the value your products and services bring than they do about the features.

Completing the reading and companion video training takes approximately 4-5 hours.

One on one coaching is available for those truly committed to increasing their sales results. Contact Rob Malec directly to learn more.

It makes your sales conversations all about them. iInstead of talking about you and your services, you focus all of your attention on the buyer and their Needs.  It sets the stage for you to focus on what your buyers care most about – their problems, how you can resolve them and how working with you will improve their situation in a quantified way.

Read the book “Sell More by Selling Less-Mastering the Conversational Sales Method”, and review the companion video training series. You’ll learn all you need to know there.

The book is yours to keep. You’ll have access for 3 months after the date you log on.

If you’ve been thinking, “there must be a better way to sell”, you’re right. Get started today!