Sales Skill Training & Sales Process Improvement Training

Sale Skill Training

Your team will sell more when they sell less.  Sales results improve when they stop selling and start helping, when they stop prescribing and start diagnosing.

Curriculum: During Rob’s one day Conversational Sales Method workshop your team will learn the art of asking great questions that get to the heart of their Prospect’s Pains, Gains and Desired Value.  They will learn how to stop selling Features & Benefits, and start uncovering customer needs toward presenting solutions that help their Prospect’s get the value they desire. In short, they will learn how to stop selling and start helping.

Sales Process Improvement Training

The greatest contributor to your team’s sales success is the work they do behind the scenes before ever getting front of a customer.  Sale strategy creation and sales funnel management are the cornerstones of sales quota achievement.

Curriculum: During Rob’s Sales Process Improvement training workshop your team will learn how to assess their current sales process and identify strengths and weaknesses.  They will come to know the traps and pitfalls that slow down sales velocity and limit deal size.  They will then learn how to follow the path of continuous sales process optimization toward revenue generation results improvement.

Sales Skills and Sales Process Improvement Training

Rob Malec’s Training Qualifications

Rob Malec’s qualifications as a trainer are as follows:

  1. Delivery of over 150 sales training workshops across North America since 2001.
  2. Author, keynote speaker to the business community and columnist in Business In Vancouver.
  3. Extensive experience in instructional/training workshop design.
  4. Extensive knowledge & practical experience in teaching how to lead behavioural change, coaching skills, and leadership.
  5. Bachelor of Arts from Wilfrid Laurier University, PE with a strong focus on teaching skills.