Chasing the Mega Deal: How to Know When a Huge Sales Opportunity is Worth Pursuing

Written by Rob Malec Every business owner dreams about the mega sales deal that will make their year for them. It seems that these opportunities appear with some regularity, but they are not an easy fish to catch. The bigger the deal, the more the complexity, and the higher the competitive presence and downward […]

Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Sales Coach

Written by Rob Malec Using a sales coach might seem counterintuitive when the sales team reports directly to the business owner or sales manager. Consider a sales coach to be a force multiplier with a clearly identifiable ROI. If you want to increase revenue generation rapidly, then it’s time to engage the services of […]

4 Tips to Level Up Your Business Development

Written by Rob Malec Chances are that you have been working for years to get your company to its current level of annual revenue generation. Now, you want to double that number in just one year. Where do you start? The short answer is to focus on increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your […]

How to Inspire Peak Performance in a High-Performing Sales Team

Written by Rob Malec Your sales team has been absolutely crushing it for 3 years and running. Does this mean it’s time to sit back and relax knowing they’ve got things under control? On the contrary, you want to focus on encouraging a high-performing sales team to continually improve to achieve peak performance. How […]

Sales Strategy 101: Selling by Helping

Written by Rob Malec Are your salespeople selling to close business, or are they selling to help their prospects? It might seem like these two are one and the same. Yet this subtle shift in mindset and focus when it comes to sales strategy profoundly affects the tenor of your company’s sales and marketing, […]

The Not-so-Secret Way to Make Easy Money

Written by Rob Malec The other day, I asked a business owner, “How many existing customers are in your database?” Their answer was 2500. “Other than your top 25 customers, how often do you touch base with the rest?” Their answer? “We haven’t touched base with them in years”. When it comes to easy […]

Cultivating a Success Mindset for Your Business

Written by Rob Malec To be a successful business owner, mindset is everything. I have worked with thousands of business professionals over my 21 years as a Fractional VP of Sales, and the common thread amongst those who have achieved peak performance is having a success mindset. What Is Mindset? Having a success mindset is […]

How to Be a Great Boss: 6 Tips to Be an Effective Sales Leader

Written by Rob Malec Any way you slice it, being a business owner is tough. The responsibilities and stress of keeping the ship on course and meeting payroll every week can be daunting. Doing this while maintaining an even keel and being an effective leader is no small feat. When it comes to how to […]

Leading Change to Improve Sales Performance

Written by Rob Malec For a business owner, launching a new sales process is as much an exercise in behavioural change management as it is in sales process optimization. To improve sales performance, having your team clear on what to do in terms of the sales process is only the first step. More important is […]

“There MUST be a better way to sell!”

Sell More by Selling Less

After studying many sales methodologies and being thoroughly bamboozled by most of them I thought “there must be a better way to sell. One that is sound, effective and is easy to learn and apply.” That way is The Conversational Sales Method. In Sell More by Selling Less you will learn to master it.

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