What to do When Your Buyer Goes Dark

What do you do when your buyer goes dark? This is one of the most frequent questions I get from my coaching clients. It’s always delivered with a distinct tone that’s a mixture of frustration, exasperation, and more than a whiff of “I feel hurt.” This is totally understandable. The wooing of a client is […]

Five Ways to Boost Sales Productivity

Even sales people who don’t have a service or project management component to their role wrestle daily with boosting sales productivity. The magic to maximizing sales productivity lies in being ruthless with your time. Here are five ways you can sharpen your focus and get a strong ROI on your sales time and effort. Live […]

Accountability And Sales Success

Sales is the ultimate accountability sport. Win or lose, the scoreboard is visible for everyone in the company to see. The accountable sales team owns their results and continually strives to improve them. Getting to accountability is not always easy though. I have found a tool that makes that road a whole lot smoother. Let […]

Two Tuna – Two Salmon

The following exchange occurred at a sushi restaurant recently… Me: I see on the menu you have tuna sashimi [note: for non-sushi people, sashimi is a generous bite-size piece of fish without the rice blob beneath], and Salmon sashimi, but not a combo. Could I please get 2 pieces of tuna and 2 pieces of […]

When patience is NOT a virtue

Client: [speaking proudly] “I worked a sales lead for 18 months, and I finally landed it!” Me: “Awesome!  A quick question for you… What size deal was this?” Client:  “Well, not a large one. To be honest, it was more on the medium to small side.” Me: “Question…Over the 18 months, what was involved in […]

Hope is NOT a Strategy

Planning for your team’s sales success means knowing — down to the account level —where the revenue to hit your sales targets will come from. Few sales organizations do this well. Buck the trend and be one of them. Simply stated, there are two sources of new revenue: new revenue from existing customers, and “New […]

How to Predictably Hit Your Revenue Goals

It’s the Sales Leader’s job to predict the company’s revenue future. Accurate predictions make it easier it to run the business and plan for its future.  The leader must know how much the team will sell, who they will sell it to, and when will they sell it.  To more accurately predict your sales results master […]

To Close More Deals Follow the Roadmap

Navigating big deals through to closure is complex. Multiple decision makers, influencers, and big dollars can make these anxious waters. It’s easy to get lost. To help you find your way follow the Sales Roadmap. The Sales Roadmap is an inventory of sales actions and corresponding buyer commitments that move a sale forward step-by-step to […]

When Sales Leadership Abdicates Their Duties

As an executive level sales manager you can find your focus being pulled away from important ‘on’ the business issues to burning and urgent ‘in’ the business issues. Marketing wants feedback now, R&D wants input tomorrow, and Finance wants help with A/R issues yesterday. By the way, there is that big deal that needs closing. […]

“There MUST be a better way to sell!”

Sell More by Selling Less

After studying many sales methodologies and being thoroughly bamboozled by most of them I thought “there must be a better way to sell. One that is sound, effective and is easy to learn and apply.” That way is The Conversational Sales Method. In Sell More by Selling Less you will learn to master it.

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