Summer Sales Tempo

Summer time is traditionally perceived as a slack business time by many.  For the banks however, it is not.  They are as busy pulling mortgage payments out of your account in July as they are in October.  So, use your summer work time wisely.  Do those ‘working on the business’ things now that you have a hard time getting to during the busy times.

Catching your breath during summer down time is a great thing to do.  Falling asleep in the hammock for 2 months however is not.  Don’t allow your sales velocity to grind to halt.  When not on your well deserved vacation time keep a lively tempo to your sales and business development activities.

Here are a few high return investments in time and effort you can make in summer that will set you up for a great Fall selling season…

  1. Narrow Your Current Target List:  Focus your energies on connecting with and closing the sales opportunities for which summer is a slow time, and who have mind share to give you.
  2. Book Appointments With Key Decision Makers.  Even if they are 4- 6 weeks out due to vacations, call and get them booked now.  Your competitors are on vacation and aren’t calling them, so your decision makers probably have schedule room.
  3. Create And Vet Your Sales Target List For The Fall. Create your Sales Target List, identify who to call at which company, and web research those companies.  Do that leg work now so when you are back in September you hit the ground running with your prospecting.
  4. Reach Out to Your Referral Network ‘I’.  Once you have your Sales Target list, leverage your contact base and generate warm referrals into those opportunities.  Get those referrals flowing now so that after Labour Day you can be booking appointments for the month of September, rather than later in the Fall.
  5. Reach Out to Your Referral Network ‘II’.  A summer latte on a patio with your referral sources today will do great things for your business development activities in September.
  6. Do Your Strategic Planning.  Taking time to think strategically is very tough to do in your busy season.  Take that time now.  Develop new products, plan for opening new markets, and strategize how you will bring more value to existing customers.  Do this now so you can begin tactical execution immediately in the Fall
  7. Do Your IT Upgrades.  Any task related to upgrading your current systems or purchasing and installing new software always takes more time and mind share than you expect.  These upgrades do however often result in improved sales productivity and simplification of work flows.  Do your research and purchasing now.  There are plenty of sales people around with few customers to talk to so you will have easy access to help.
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