You Are Your Ideas

It’s a simple fact of your life as a sales professional life that your contacts see several of “you” every day—so many, in fact, that one blends into the next. Only rarely does one sales professional rise to the top and stand out above the rest. This individual wins more deals, sells more, and has stronger relationships with their buyers. What have you done lately to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd?

Your brain, and what is in it, is your key differentiator. You are your ideas. They are singularly unique, powerful, and highly desired by your buyers. Engage your creativity and you will be two steps ahead of other sellers.

Astute buyers recognize that you have a deeper expertise regarding the myriad applications of your products and services than they do. Think of the dental implant salesperson who sits chairside, advising the oral surgeon as she places the implant in a patient’s mouth. Despite their years of training, these surgeons still seek out and value the input of an expert on a specific product. 

You may feel you are not the creative type—many salespeople don’t. But creativity is not limited to artistic expression. Analyzing a problem to remedy buyer Pain or attain desired Gains is creativity in action. If you prepare to have idea-generation conversations with your buyers, creativity will happen quite naturally.

Try this approach…

Clear your desk and think through your customer list. Pick one who you uses your products and services already

Ask yourself, “What Pains exist in this buyer’s world that my company can help them with? What Gains might they desire that I can help them realize?” You will likely find a couple of each.

For each Pain and Gain identified, brainstorm a non-obvious/creative application of your products and services that could help them. Wrack your brains on this one. You will definitely generate some great ideas.

Book a meeting with your buyer, saying “I want to meet to ensure that I am doing all I can to help you. I have some ideas I would like to share with you.”

Conduct the meeting, using questions to guide your buyer through your thought process. Your goal is to learn whether they see their situation as you see it, and if pursuing your problem-solving ideas is worthwhile.

Even if none of your ideas fly, you will have advanced your standing by virtue of having held this meeting. While other salespeople are busy trying to sell something, you are trying to help. Your buyer will know the difference. 

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